A9 Zmaster with Belher Mining, the cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining. Why bother with risky mining contracts when you can buy directly the best hashing power?

Now you can mine Equihash coins using not only GPU but also ASIC miners. The most popular models are Antminer Z9 and the newly designed A9 ZMaster. Indeed, the release of these models has made GPU mining obsolete on Equihash algorithm

A9 ZMaster is a formidable equihash miner including a few times better hash rate & efficiency than any other mining rig/miner. This dedicated hardware has very low operating cost, and besides high ROI and longevity. Moreover, it has a small form plus low noise, designed to facilitate network decentralization with renewed energy and loyalty.

A9 Zmaster is the world’s strongest and most efficient Equihash Miner. This significantly outperforms the Antiminer Z9 mini that offers 10 Ksol/s with 300W of power usage.

If you compare this machine to Z9 mini, this performs 5 times better so the price is 5 times higher. The only thing is this seems more power efficient than the z9 mini.

This monster of an ASIC is able to perform 2 ZCash a week. For more information about mining performance of the A9 Zmaster go to What to Mine

We are offering A9 Zmaster to mine with us and with our well known advantages

  • 5 years (60 months) of hosting and care services
  • Using your own pool and wallet
  • And… without any hidden fees

Enjoy the launching offer here

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