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How to buy Peercoin There are many ways to buy Peercoin, although it may depend on your previous exchange access or location. You should have a Peercoin wallet set up previously to making a purchase so that you have a place to store your Peercoin.

Fiat gateways In order to purchase Peercoin directly with a bank wire or debit card, there are several options for direct purchase, although these primarily support European wire transfers and purchases. If you want to directly purchase with a card or bank transfer, you can use the following sites:

The Rock Trading TheRockTrading offers SEPA direct deposits and offers Peercoin directly on the platform, while offering no trading fees on PPC.

AnycoinDirect Supports EUR

LiteBit Supports EUR

Livecoin.net Supports both USD/RUR/EUR deposits

If you are in the US, the above websites may not be available. You must use an exchange that accepts you must buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and transfer it to an exchange that lists Peercoin, which will be discussed at a later time.

Coinbase Coinbase is one of the most popular broker sites and is arguably the most commonly used for US based citizens.

Gemini Gemini also offers fiat purchasing options for Bitcoin with bank wire options.

OkCoin Offers fiat deposits by wire to buy Bitcoin and other common coins.

It is strongly recommended to purchase Bitcoin as it has the most traded pairs for the exchanges that list Peercoin which will be discussed in the section below. Once you have made a purchase, send those coins over to your chosen exchange and make your purchase of Peercoin.

There are other websites that can be used to buy Bitcoin with a debit or credit card, and there are a plethora of guides available on these sites. We suggest you find a reputable site with low fees and a large number of positive user reviews over time.

Over the Counter (OTC)

i2 Trading
i2 Trading offers OTC deals for Peercoin with 100k minimum order sizes.

Exchanges If you already own cryptocurrency, the section about fiat gateways can be skipped since you most likely already have one. Below is a list of exchanges which support Peercoin and where it can be traded actively. Send your coins there and you will be able to purchase Peercoin.


The Rock Trading
Tux Exchange

Each exchange comes with a variety of fees both in trading and withdrawals and user experience may vary. As always, use strong passwords, 2FA, and cold storage as needed.

Once you have made your purchase, you can withdraw your coins to the wallet you have chosen.

EDIT: Will try to keep this updated as exchanges come.

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