Hello, I'm experimenting and setting up some new pools, I don't expect to be in production for a month or so yet after I get some serious help. I can do most of it, but unsure of patching known vulnerabilities with YIIMP and so on.

Back to topic, Peercoin is my first to set up, and my favourite to support first. It's hard to find information reasonably quickly on the Peercoin site for pool operators. Like quickly finding P2P and RPC ports, whether the latest release should be used, creating a new wallet with peercoin-cli ready, reindex then txindex=1 if needed before starting, settings and where to find them for the pool, such as latest block (I think that's needed but unsure), difficulty to set and whether it can vary with YIIMP, e.g. smaller ASIC miners and a port for Nicehash/MRR speeds (network difficulty?)

If I've missed anything in my research I would love a link or two to check out, otherwise a request for some basic information on the Peercoin site for pool operators to get them up and running, to test it out and make sure it works.

Thank you!

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